Departure is my take on a top down shooter game. The game was made in a short amount of time, due to the code I previously made for my first person shooter game, Glory.

The objective of Departure is to kill the strange cubes that are oddly attracted to you. The cubes continuously move towards the player and spawn periodically throughout the game. As the player gets more kills the spawn rate of the cubes will become more frequent. Additionally, their speed will increase to make it harder for the player to run away and reload their weapon.

There are two ammo packs on the map that the player can collect. After the player has collected an ammo pack it will take ~20 seconds for the pack to respawn. The game also uses a slightly more complex reloading system than just pressing a single button. The player must follow the sequence 1-3-2-4 to reload their weapon.




W: Move player up
S: Move player down
A: Move player left
D: Move player right
Mouse Cursor: Rotates players towards cursor

Left mouse click: Fire weapon

Spacebar: Start game
ESC: Quit game


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