The Super Alpha of AGIP

This version of AGIP lets the user generate random levels and gives them the option to edit the generated levels. After the level is generated the user is able to start the game and explore the level. This version is not optimized and does not offer multiplayer – those features will come in the future! Additionally, polishing up the current features and allowing the user more flexibility inside the editor tool will be the next main focus of the project.

Windows Download

OSX Download

*Note: Using Dropbox as file host (for now) as Github has a limit 100MB limit on upload sizes.

When you open AGIP you will be welcomed with the image below. This is where you can set the size of the level, the room density (smaller number means rooms are more separated), number of players, and whether it will be Team Deathmatch or not.

Main Menu

Main Menu

The next image seen below represents a randomly generated level (using the settings above). From this point you may either decide to clear the level and regenerate another, edit the level, or start the game.

Randomly Generated Level

Randomly Generated Level

This third image represents the generated level inside the level editor menu. A few objects have been added such as the boiler in the bottom left and middle rooms, along with a walk way. The editor allows you to move any object on the level except for weapons, spawn points, and health packs (subject to change in future versions). It must be noted that using the “Fill Null Zones” button will fill all the black regions on the map (within the map dimensions) and is not optimized at this moment – which may cause the level generator to crash on larger maps, even default sized ones.

Level Editor menu

Level Editor menu

Finally, this last image represents the in game look. As of right now the guns are slightly too large which causes the cross-hairs to appear on the gun – this will be fixed on future versions.

In Game View

In Game View

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