MrPig the Game!

Don’t like reading? Download the game here!

During the past few months I have been playing Helicopter on my Palm-Pre (yes, ancient now), and with the up roar of FlappyBird I managed to try it out as well. The great thing about these games are that they are simple. Helicopter has nice smooth controls, but as the player progresses the level gets narrower and narrower. In FlappyBird, the controls are awkward, but the game rewards the player for mastering the miserable controls.

Gameplay shot of MrPig

Gameplay shot of MrPig

This inspired me to create my own version of these games, of which I called MrPig. MrPig uses similar, awkward controls as FlappBird; however, it also incorporates Helicopters progression in difficulty. In MrPig the difficulty increases by first increasing the speed of the projectiles the player has to dodge, and then it decreases the amount of time the projectiles spawn. The game rotates between increasing the speed and decreasing the spawn time, until the player hits a score of 100, at which the player just has to survive as long as possible.

The reason I made this game, other than the inspiration from Helicopter and FlappyBird, was that I wanted to practice coding randomly spawned objects, incremental scoring over time, and different layer collision. The game was programmed in under 24 hours; however, the controls were programmed a few weeks ago. I couldn’t think of a theme for the game so I just stopped development for the game and I continue development for the it last night and manged to finish it up. I kept the game bare-bones so that I can always keep development fresh and move onto other projects to practice different skills.

The game is available for free download here, along with the Source Code in case you want to modify the game, or just see how I did things. Maybe I could of did something better? If you modified the game, I would love to see it, and I’ll even make a blog post linking to your project!

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