Glory Development

This past weekend I started creating a test zone for a much larger project I’ve been wanting to make for some time now. Essentially I got the basic gun mechanics, collision detections, and a theme done for the game (all of which I’ll be expanding upon and polishing up). I won’t be going into details about what I’m hoping to target for the finished overall project; however, you will be able to get a sneak peak of what I will be developing further.

Glory Testing Zone

Glory Testing Zone

Overall, this is just target practice. There is a cannon that shots targets in the air that the player can shoot for points. The reason why I choose to do this is to test how it is to aim a gun without any reference to where the bullet will be traveling. Additionally, the player will notice that when they go to reload the gun it is not automatic, or a straight forward button press. I find that most First person Shooter (FPS) games are dumb-ing down mechanics in most cases, and coming from an Real Time Strategy (RTS) background where the players Actions Per Minute (AMP) can actually matter when the player must make lots of decisions.

I wanted to incorporate the players skill at remembering reload sequences and reflex time into the game. I will leak that I want the future of the game is going to be focused at a competitive level, and this is just one mechanic that I was to implement. This was inspired from the game Receiver. In the near future I wish to expand this game into a Split Screen, 2 Player Death match that will use Xbox 360 controllers (as I won’t get networking done s players could use Keyboard + Mouse).

You can download what I currently have for game below and you can expect more in the near future.


Movement: Keyboard (WADS) + Mouse
Jump: Spacebar
Reload: Displayed when ammo is empty, currently: 1 3 2 4
Open Doors: E

NOTE: The game was made using Unity and C# scripting.


Credits and download links for the Assets and SFX you see and hear in the game:

Map Objects

Torsten Heldmann

Shanty Town Objects
Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies


Ammo Pickup

Gun Fire

Mike Koenig

Target Spawn Sound
Douglas Vicente

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